We're recognised again as a Caring Company
At Travel Expert, we don't just care for our customers, we also care for the community around us. So we are proud to be able to display the Council of Social Services Caring Company logo for the 5th consecutive year and play our part in the collective efforts of 2,960 Caring Companies in Hong Kong who supported a total of around 460 social service organisations in 2014/15 and donated over HK$440 million to various projects.
Helping the impoverished
Travel Expert supports community activities and social causes in its area. Ever since 2012, we have been partnering with Smile Foundation Limited (a charity organization that helps the underprivileged children and orphans), and sponsored their annual Smile Charity Hike Fundraising event. Through these, we hope to improve the lives of these vulnerable ones and show our love to them.
Fly for Love 2015 : A trip to a new world of hope
For many disabled people, flying on a plane, or even travelling at all is just a dream. So at Travel Expert we were proud to play a supporting role in the "Fly for Love 2015" programme that enabled 56 disabled children and young people from underprivileged families in Hong Kong and Macao to enjoy their first ever flight on a 3-day, 2-night trip to Taiwan. The Director of the Invision Charity Foundation which runs the programme, Ms Fandy Lee said, "This is our third year of helping disabled children from grassroots families to enjoy trips like this. Getting on board a plane and taking off to a new land can be enormously encouraging and help them find the courage to pursue their dreams in other areas of their lives too."
Supporting single parents
Single parenthood is a growing trend that affects the very fabric of the society. In fact, one out of every ten children in Hong Kong grows up in a single-parent family. We understand that these parents may be on a tightrope and therefore we organized a charity event named "Single journey, Double appreciation", in hope to reach out and support them. Travel Expert donated $10 to Hong Kong Single Parents Association for each purchased Taiwan / Macau package. The donation cheque was presented to HKSPA on 20th August 2015 at our office.
Cultivating the next generation of elite tourists
It's no secret that we love anything to do with travel. Not only because we believe it broadens minds and promotes greater understanding among people, but also because it brings enormous joy and satisfaction to our customers. This is why we have always worked hard and with great enthusiasm to nurture the next generation of young travellers and support the development of the tourism industry in Hong Kong. Not only do we focus on the business side of travel, we also take the social responsibility of travel seriously too. We regularly send staff as lecturers to tourism career seminars, and support practical training for students from various tourism institutes while espousing the spirit of professionalism and responsibility which we feel is the key to long-term success of the tourism industry as a whole. Our management team strongly believe that it is our duty to contribute to the industry we love in every way we can.
Sunshine Action Blessing Bag for Christmas
Travel Expert does care the community around us. We participated as volunteer in the Sunshine Action to distribute 4,700 food bags for the poor and elderly in Hong Kong. Sunshine Action is a humanitarian organization which has done charity programs reaching 102,493 low-income families in 15 countries and estimate to benefit over 176,244 people globally. That's how much we care.
Be a Tour Guide of Hong Kong Wetland Park
We love, we promote, and we enjoy all kind of travel. Travel Expert is a travel ambassador, our travel consultants have been a volunteer escort of Hong Kong Wetland Park, providing eco tour services to students.
A New Hope for Old Computer
In the technology generation, electronic products come and go in the blink of eye. But in the same time, there may be someone unable to own a computer in our society. We are glad to donate 20 computers and monitors to Caritas Computer Workshop to redistributing resources to our community.
Donate $250,000 to World Vision's Drought Response in East Africa
February 2011, World Vision has declared the food situation in the East Africa dire. Some of the most affected areas had an 80% rain failure rate, and have continued to deteriorate. Travel Expert makes a $250,000 contribution to World Vision to support relief project to aid people in desperate need of help.
Charitable donations for 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake
Wenchuan was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 12 May 2008. The devastating quake killed a total of 69,197 people and 374,176 were injured. In response to the emergency, Travel Expert sponsored free air tickets and donated $300,000 to UNICEF for their rescuing project in Wenchuan.
Moonwalking for Orbis
Travel is such a visual experience that we have a special concern for those in our society with failing eyesight. We are keen supporters of Orbis, the global charity organisation that is devoted to relieving blindness around the world, and for the past three years we have sponsored the Orbis nighttime Moonwalkers walkathon event.
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