A sight to behold : The First Finland Travel Store in Hong Kong.

[11 November 2015]

In recent years, Finland has been capturing the imagination of Hong Kong people, and not just for Santa Claus and reindeer. The breathtaking phenomenon of the Aurora which lights up the Arctic winter night sky from September through to March has been wowing local visitors who often combine a trip to "see the lights" with a Christmas holiday.

In recognition of this growing interest, Travel Expert teamed up with Visit Finland, to set up the first Finnish travel store in our Hang Lung Centre branch, in Causeway Bay. The shop is decked out in Finnish style and offers an exciting taste of Finland for local travel enthusiasts.

As part of the opening event, in addition to Finnish themed gifts for visitors, we announced a number of innovative new tours, including a Santa Claus wedding, a snow wedding, a forest adventure and a chance to see the lights from the Rovaniemi Aurora Chalet. We also launched a number of free independent travel (FIT) packages and group tours.

On November 22, the Visit Finland, Hong Kong & China representative, held a travel talk on Finland in the store. And then, because we have been nice all year and almost never naughty, we were able to get Santa himself to spare some time to visit Hong Kong direct from his home in the Santa Claus village, exclusively for Travel Expert on 5 December.

If you haven’t already been to Finland we encourage you to put it on your travel list, and if you have been, why not drop us a note and some pictures and tell us about your experiences.

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